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Clara Prats Soler


Clara Prats.jpeg

Assistant teacher

Address: Escola Superior d'Agricultura de Barcelona
Departament de Física i Enginyeria Nuclear
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
c/ Esteve Terradas 8, despatx 66
08860 - Castelldefels (Barcelona)


Work phone: +34.93.552.11.07        

Physics degree
PhD in Computational and Applied Physics by UPC



Research interests:
Computational models in tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. Agent- and Individual-based models.
Individual-based Modelling and simulation of bacterial cultures. Study of the lag and stationary phases in bacterial cultures and other microbial systems. 


- Physics at the first course of Biosystems Engineering Degree at the UPC
- 'Modelling and simulation of biological systems' at the last course of Biosystems Engineering Degree at the UPC
- 'Biophysics' at the first course of Physical Engineering at the UPC 
- 'Natural history of TB' at the Clinical TB Management specialization course of the UOC.