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Years: 1990-1999

Congress of the Polish Society of Soil Science and International Scientific Conference: Role of soil in functioning of ecosystems, Lublin (Poland), 1999
Contribution: M. Ginovart, A. Gras, D. López. Modelling and discrete simulation of the mineralization and inmobilization of the carbon and nitrogen of the organic matter.

Europhysics conference on computational physics, Granada, (Spain), 1998
Contribution: M. Ginovart, D. López, J. Valls. Discrete simulation of biological systems based on individual and environmental models. Modelling collective phenomena in complex systems.

Primer Seminario Aridas Red Medamerica de la Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, 1997
Contribution: M. Ginovart, D. López, J. Valls. Modelo de colonización (MDC) en el semiárido latinoamericano.

II Congreso Latioamericano de Micología, La Habana (Cuba), 1996
Contribution: M.V. Ibáñez, S. Vaquero, D. López, D, M. Ginovart. Simulación discreta del comportamiento del hongo filamentoso Aspergillus Níger.

II Congreso Nacional de Micologia, Santiago de Compostela (Spain), 1994
Contribution: J. Xifré, D. López, M. Ginovart, J. Valls. Simulación discreta de cultivos de Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

European Simulation Symposium ESS 92, Dresden (Germany), 1992
Contribution: M. Ginovart, D. López, R. Solé, J. Valls. Microscopic simulation of microbial ecosystems in non-uniform conditions: nonlinear dynamics and fractals.
Computer Simulation in Biology, Ecology and Medicine, Prague (Rep. Txeca), 1992
Contribution: M. Ginovart, D. López, J. Xifré. Growth simulation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: alcohol-induced inhibition phenomena.

Fourth Interdisciplinary Conference on natural resource modelling and analysis, Barcelona (Spain), 1991
Contribution: E. Gutierrez, R.V. Solé, D. López, M. Ginovart, J. Valls. Non equilibrium 1/f-dinamics in forest succession.
1991 European Simulation Multiconference, Copenhage (Dinamarca), 1991
Contribution: M. Ginovart, D. López, A. Sanahuja, A. Serrano, J. Wagensberg. Simulation and microcalorimetry of metabolic oscillations of Escherichia coli.